Saturday, July 09, 2005

Another Voice

Until I accidentally deleted it, my opening message was going to be about adding voices into the discussion of American life. About how there are just a few voices, media voices, that seem to be controlling the thinking of an entire country. And the need that I perceive for ordinary people to join the discussions of all aspects of life from: politics, the media, culture, education, religion, and philosophy. I was even going to include some lofty sentiment about the internet, and especially the "blogosphere", being a democratic place where our voices can be heard.

Really, though, that's all bunk. My motives and sentiments aren't particularly lofty at all. What I want is plain and simple. I want to sound-off on anything I like. And I want to encourage others to sound-off, too.

I will write, as the name of this blog indicates, on things that I see and hear. I will write my thoughts, and my opinions. I will be as fair as I know how, and show no quarter to foolishness. I encourage everyone who reads this blog to do the same.

I am adding another voice to the conversation. Some apathetic types believe that one more voice doesn't matter, can't make a difference. But Horton didn't believe that, and neither do I. Most importantly, it's my voice. Mine. That is what matters.


Blogger Tenna said...

Let me be the first momwriter to say welcome to blogger!

11:27 PM  

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