Sunday, October 08, 2006

300 Million and Counting, Thank God!

So this is the month that the US is expected to reach a population of 300 million individuals. It sounds like an awful lot, doesn't it? And naturally, we are vaguely remembering all those indoctrinations, I mean lessons, that we heard in public school about overpopulation, famine, hunger, global warming, and the end of life as we know it. Well, before we start getting all worried that the world is going to come to an end because there are far too many people, take a look at this.

What is seen is that while the US is growing, almost exclusively through immigration, most of the rest of the developed world is severely declining in population. The results of this population implosion are not yet fully known, but we can make a few guesses.

In another generation or two, the great European cultures which many of us draw upon for ancestry, will no longer exist. History will be forgotten as only "future progress" is deemed worthy of thought. Without strong family units to give daily life meaning, people will turn almost exclusively to commercial interests and entertainments. As the current population ages, the elderly and infirm will come to be seen as liabilities. Instead of being seen as a necessary part of family life and childrearing, they will now be shunted off to "old folks homes" - except when they are encouraged to euthanize themselves. Economies will struggle to find ways to make do without enough workers. Governments will suffer declining tax revenues, leading to social welfare programs being axed and taxes heavily increased. Immigration, mostly from nearby Islamic countries, will be necessary to keep a minimal number of workers. With a resident culture that has mostly abandoned it's own Christian heritage, it is unlikely that the Muslim influx will be influenced to assimilate. This will lead to the most peaceful spread of Islam in human history.

So, the next time someone in the United States complains about supposed overpopulation, remind them that every baby born is one who will be contributing to: social security, the economy, culture, and care of the elderly and infirm. If they're still not satisfied, invite them to move to Europe.


Blogger caterina maria said...

I too was subjected, like all other American schoolchildren in the last century, to brainwashing about the evils of the population explosion. We were conditioned to believe that birth control and abortion were godsends and that without them we'd all be starving to death by 1985. What a pile of horsedump!
One does have to wonder who is behind this propaganda. Ultimately of course, it's the devil. But who are his stooges on earth, and what do they stand to gain?
I once was an environmentalist of the worst kind: the kind that thought the land should be cleared of everyone but yours truly. Many environmentalists are honestly concerned about our children's future, but I've known a lot who are simply selfish, alienated monsters, usually white, well-to-do and liberal, who want the land to themselves. They want the government to seize land and preserve it for their amusement. Look at what they did in Uganda, denying aid if Uganda should dare to spray DDT around to kill malaria-bearing mosquitos. Their attitude is to hell with people, we want to look at birds.
It was having children myself and seeing the fear induced in them by the environmentalist brainwashing passed off as science in the public schools that turned me around.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Aurora Dies Incommodum said...

I agree. There seems to be two general "camps" of environmentalism. The one camp is people who are concerned about what might be called "stewardship". They see (rightly, I think) that there is a rational self-interest in taking care of the planet. Waste-not, want-not, and all that. Probably a lot of people fall into this category. We don't want to see tires floating down the river, or for cute little pandas to become extinct.

But the other camp (and I admit, right off the bat, that these are BROAD generalizations) seems to be made up of people-haters. They don't care about taking care of the planet FOR the people, but rather are worried about keeping the planet FROM the people. To that camp, I offer no arguement. They aren't rational enough to listen anyway.

2:54 PM  

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