Thursday, October 12, 2006

That Really IS It!

We have all been subjected to the el crapola about the desperate need of the American economy for the labor provided (cheaply, of course) by illegal immigrants. And very many of us have been subjected to BS pious sermons from our pastors about how we need to be "open and welcoming" to the invaders pouring across our borders, because they are poor and Jesus would want us to help them (it never occurs to them that Jesus might want them to get off their butts and create an economic base of their own, in their own country). And we've even been subjected to crap from both political parties about the need for "some kind of amnesty" for the workers already here, so that they can become citizens.

Like many Americans I have been tired of it for a long time already. Today, however, I saw an article that really is the last straw. Apparently our government, oh so welcoming to the invasion force from the south, has decided to deport a Chinese woman who, having managed to escape a Communist regime and come to America, got married to an American citizen and had two children. By all appearances living a productive life, this woman has sought asylum from the REPRESSIVE, COMMUNIST, BABY KILLING, HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATING government - but we are trying to deport her.

All she wants is to stay with her husband and children, and not to be forced to go back to an evil, communist regime that will attempt to force abortions and/or sterilizations on her. All she wants is to not be forced to choose between going back without her husband and children to a country that will almost surely punish her in some way and going back with her husband and children - so that they can all be punished together.

Despite protests from the American people, our government has done nothing substantive to halt, or even slow, the continued violations of our Mexican border. If that same government actually deports this woman to China, it is beneath contempt.

Chinese Family Fights Deportation Over Worries of Forced Abortions.


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